Monday, March 28, 2011

Been a long time gone...

It has been quite sometime since I posted...and I've even had a few comments from family (especially my mom) that I need to post some photos. So what have I been up to since October 2010...

More Baseball
When we last left off I had posted some photos of the ALDS series where I was at the Rangers v Tampa game right behind W. Well a short week later I was watching the Rangers play the Yankees in the ALCS on TV at my friend Jimbo's house and we decided at the spur of the moment to buy tickets to NYC to see the game the next night in NYC. Those who know well know me for the planner I this was super out of the ordinary for me and here are some shots of the trip.

Braving Times Square in my Ranger Red

View from Our Seats!!

We won the game!!

Chili Cookoff Win

I entered our chili cookoff at work this year for the first time. I made some Green Chili (new Mexico style)...and I won!

Trip to PHX 2011
It had been over a year since I had seen Shaun, Sara and Larkin in Phoenix...and I had yet to meet Brayden who was now 1 year old. I planned on going in February over Super Bowl Weekend...but my plans were foiled by a freak week of snow and ice in Dallas so I had to rebook. So on March 18th I packed up and headed west. To make sure I got a whole weekend out of the trip I planned to work on our Phoenix office on Friday and Monday.

The Grimm's Cute Kiddos

Larkin (almost 3)

Brayden (just turned 1)
NCAA Round of 32

By coincidence my Kansas State Wildcats were in the NCAA tournament and were playing Wisconsin in the SW region in Tucson AZ, a short drive south of Phoenix. So Shaun and I purchased some Stub Hub tickets and headed to the game while Sara (bless her) watched the kiddos on Saturday.

View from our Seats...mid court 18th row!!!

We had great seats, a fun day, but in the end the Cats did not advance....still a good end to the season for K-State.

The Zoo

After a guys day on Saturday in Tucson we planned some family fun for Sunday. We loaded up the crew and headed to the Zoo. Here are some pics Sara/Shaun and I took with our matching Cannon DSLR cameras.

Petting the Goats

The Grimm Family


Brayden Pointing at the Animals
Larkin and Doug Hanging Out at the Zoo

Larkin showing me around

Larkin reading the map to plan our route thru the zoo. (a future planner after my own heart)

Somebody got tuckered out at the Zoo